Grumpy Cat & Fat Cat

Grumpy Cat - hand drawn and coloured on cartridge paper using Derwent colour pencils. Yes, the fur takes forever but its very calming - possibly like knitting? I don't know, I don't knit.

You either love them or you hate them - cats, that is. I love them. My husband hates them. SO the only cats around our house are hand drawn (or strays but the dogs chase them away...). Which is why I created a character called Scaredy Cat a few years back, based on a cat I had when growing up, and I have been meaning to do some more as part of a series but just haven't got around to it. Having done a few rough sketches just recently, today I finally took one to colour - YAY! So here is my latest crazy cat illustration called 'Grumpy Cat' (above). Quite similar to Scaredy Cat (obviously related) but much, much grumpier and possibly very mean (I wouldn't get too close or you might find out why...).

OK, now for the next one (I'm on a roll...), possibly called Fat Cat after a cat (yes it was fat) my parents had when I was younger...
Fat Cat - yes, this cat is a big cat. In fact both cats this illo is inspired by were huge (or was I just little?). Again, hand drawn and coloured using Derwent colour pencils on cartridge paper. Its so good to give Photoshop a miss and get back to hand colouring...
Actually this character is a cross between two cats we had (we had a lot of cats) - one was a beefy boy black and grey tom cat (who chased dogs...) and the other was a soft, floppy black and white cat with a weird pink tongue (it was a bit dopey). We had more cats too - but at different times of course!


  1. Yeah one of the real cats was adorable in a sort of dopey way...

  2. So cute and fluffy! Love the orange and yellow one with his crooked tail and whiskers. He does look like he is plotting something, but it could be an act. He could be a king snuggler! Fat Cat is also very cute and fluffy, but yes, maybe slightly less going on upstairs. However, seeing as cats are masterfully crafty (at least sometimes), this could also be an act! He might be a regular Whiskerstein (Wittgenstein? Too much?) :)

  3. Thanks Cindy - your comments always make me laugh! Your humour is hysterical but somehow educational - what is a Whiskerstein?!

    1. I don't know! That's how crafty he is. No seriously, I was trying to make a silly sounding smart cat name - Whiskers+ Einstein or Whiskers+Wittgenstein (a philosopher). :)

  4. I like it! You could be onto something... could be big in the cat world!


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