Illustration Friday: Highlight

Highlight - the outline of this illo was hand drawn using black felt tip pen, scanned onto the Mac, then coloured and texturised using photoshop. The background is an original watercolour background I created using watercolours on watercolour paper which has been collaged into the scene.
Actually I think this illustration has been the highlight of my week! I enjoyed creating it sooo much from the initial thought through to its final colourful outcome. My first idea was a firecracker filled night sky with the silhoutte of a kid and her pet sitting on a hill, watching the fireworks being the highlight of the New Year, blah, blah, blah, boring... Then I thought about how much my daughter loves her dog, Skippy, and how Skip is the highlight of every day of her life (along with rainbows and the colour green) so it just transformed into the two of them sitting on a hill, illuminated (highlighted?) by the glow of a rainbow sun shower... obvious, really. Or you could just take it on face value - there is a high light in the sky...

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