Illustration Friday: Twirl

Twirl - hair twirler extraordinaire! I was wondering where my paintbrush had got to...
Doodled by hand using a black felt tip pen, then scanned onto Mac and coloured in Photoshop. The infinity swirl background was created in Illustrator, imported into Photoshop and then a motion blur applied.

I'm a severe hair twirler. After a lot of hair twirling, staring into space (humming 'You Spin Me Round' by some 80's band... forgotten their name?) and procrastinating, I realised that being a self confessed hair twirler, there was nothing else to draw but me twirling my hair! So I started doodling (I'm not a doodler) while thinking about hair twirling and this twirly haired doodle emerged! I think I like doodling... also swirls... and orange and green.

Thanks again Illustration Friday for pulling me out of another rut (although I did get a lot of hair twirling done!)  :)


  1. Wish my curls/twirls were so 'ruly'

    1. Ha! You just need to add a few twirl tamers (pen, pencil, paintbrush, etc)

  2. a very dynamic illo! nice to learn about your process of illustrating and twirling too :o)

  3. Ah, I do the same. Fortunately not as bad as I used to (sometimes causing knots, eeek). I can't say I ever lost my pencil in there, but I don't think it would be too great a stretch.

    Such a cute illustration - love the colors, and always happy to see a kindred spirit in the swirl community. (Also, and I don't know how embarrassed I should be to admit I know this without using Google - but the band is/was Dead or Alive "You spin me right round, baby, right round like a record...") *cough*

  4. AH HA! That's it (Dead or Alive)... thanks Cindy. Good to know I can count on you for future 80's band referencing. Thanks for your comment too and keep on twirling...

  5. I do the same hair twirling!! And loved Dead or Alive in the '80s!!! :))

  6. Yep, they must have been twirlers too... thanks for your comment!

  7. Great take on the subject!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. Haha! You doodle well and should continue! You can never go wrong with orange and green. Great illustration!

  9. Such a creative representation. Love the hair!


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