Illustration Friday: Twirl

Twirl - hair twirler extraordinaire! I was wondering where my paintbrush had got to...
Doodled by hand using a black felt tip pen, then scanned onto Mac and coloured in Photoshop. The infinity swirl background was created in Illustrator, imported into Photoshop and then a motion blur applied.

I'm a severe hair twirler. After a lot of hair twirling, staring into space (humming 'You Spin Me Round' by some 80's band... forgotten their name?) and procrastinating, I realised that being a self confessed hair twirler, there was nothing else to draw but me twirling my hair! So I started doodling (I'm not a doodler) while thinking about hair twirling and this twirly haired doodle emerged! I think I like doodling... also swirls... and orange and green.

Thanks again Illustration Friday for pulling me out of another rut (although I did get a lot of hair twirling done!)  :)

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