Saturday, 4 October 2014

Silence - IF

Nothing says silence like a rusty old truck left out to pasture in the back paddock. I saw this forgotten gem on a relative’s property and fell in love with it instantly. I couldn’t wait to draw it! I initially sketched it using a 2B lead pencil then used a 5B for the darker shadows and Derwent colour pencils to capture its rusty colours and textures. It was great to get back to basics and just draw something on paper. Now I just have to do more…
Silence - sketched using 2B & 5B lead pencils and Derwent colour pencils on cartridge paper.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Phoebe's Wish - IF

There was something in the air, a murky unsettling feeling... Ah Choo! Was it dust? Phoebe had no idea what was going on but it stunk. Everything had been shaken up, turned on its head and inside out - it was completely out of her control. All she could do was hang on tight so she held her breath, made a wish and waited for the dust to settle.
Phoebe's Wish - Phoebe was hand sketched in pencil, then scanned onto Mac, redrawn and coloured using Illustrator. The tree has been recycled from a previous Phoebe illo. The background is one of my painted canvases collaged into the illo using Photoshop. The swirl pattern was originally hand drawn, then scanned and manipulated in Photoshop. It often appears as a subtle background effect in Phoebe illos. I really like collaging different textures, media and techniques to create a digital illo that has a layered, textured feel. 
This Phoebe illo is dedicated to one of her biggest fans who's world was recently turned upside down. They say that when one door closes, another one opens, so hang in there... you'll find your feet again soon.
PS. Phoebe wishes you all the best for the big bright sunny future you deserve...  xo

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Phoebe - Fall

Phoebe had been on a high for longer than usual and was starting to worry that she might just lose her balance, so she asked her true love, "If I fall to pieces will you put me back together?" 
He simply replied, "Tweet."
Phoebe - Fall    Phoebe, the bird and tree were hand sketched, then redrawn and coloured using Illustrator. The red background was hand painted onto a canvas then scanned into Photoshop where special effects were added. Grass was created using Photoshop. I often use left over paint to create coloured backgrounds - its great fun to just go crazy with colour and the backgrounds add another dimension to Phoebe illustrations. Watercolours work well too!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Phoebe - Distant

Phoebe had been very distant for a long time... possibly as far, far away as another universe. She had needed some space and perspective – somewhere quiet so she could hear herself think. Everything appeared differently from a distance. Big things appeared much smaller, small things completely dissappeared and the things that mattered the most stood out like stars. Finally she could make sense of the world...
Phoebe - Distant  Sketched by hand then redrawn in Illustrator. The background and grass were created in Photoshop.
Finally! Phoebe is back! Yep its been a while but this year I am aiming to post more often... there are a few more Phoebe stories up my sleeve yet so don't go away (!) I'll get them out of my head and onto my blog soon... Kazxo

Monday, 1 April 2013

Kazart Phoebe - Vermillion

Phoebe wanted to paint. She had vermillion on the brain. All she could think about was painting scarlet, vermillion, crimson... in fact, she just wanted to paint everything red. What did this mean? Was she angry? Mad? Going mad? She didn't care. She just wanted to get the red out of her head...
Phoebe Vermillion – I actually painted a small canvas for this background - serious fun! Phoebe was sketched by hand then redrawn using Illustrator then collaged onto the painted background using Photoshop. She's doing the classic about-to-throw-a-baseball pose just in case you're wondering... not that she's into baseball but it just seemed to help catipult the paint further.

Friday, 22 March 2013

IF - Eye Glasses (Thick Black Glasses?)

Elvis oh Elvis... how would I get to work and back and maintain sanity without you? Seriously, I drive approx. 70km to work which takes 1.5 hours on a good day and up to 2 hours on a bad day and then do the same trip home each night. That's 140km stuck in my car with only my music to entertain me (the ads and crappy talk back on the radio are enough to do your head in so only ventured when absolutely desperate or CD player is having a spasm or completely sick of listening to the same CDs over and over and over... yep, my car is old - it even has a tape deck but we don't go there... Back to the IF topic - Eye Glasses? I did a series of huge pastel drawings based on people who inspired me that also happen to be wearing thick black glasses - which brings me back to Elvis Costello. He wears them. His music inspires me. I think I would marry his voice in another life... xo

Thick Black Glasses No. 1 (Elvis Costello) - sketched using pastels and charcoal on a huge piece of cartridge paper
 (approx. 600 x 900cm ish BIG)
And here are a few more v inspiring, creative, thick black glasses wearing faces from the same series... same huge sizes. Must do more... if only I could draw and drive at the same time?! Can you get booked for that?

Thick Black Glasses No. 2 (Tim Burton)

Thick Black Glasses No. 4 (Lisa Loab)

Thick Black Glasses No. 3 (Jeff Golden)

Monday, 25 February 2013

Phoebe - Mad Hair Day

Phoebe couldn't think straight... her head felt like spaghetti – inside and out. Nothing seemed to make sense... had she got her wires crossed again? She tried to focus but losing her train of thought, decided to embrace her present tangled mess instead and just go with it. ROCK ON Phoebe! She secretly always wanted to be Suzi Quatro – but unfortunately, she only knew how to play classical guitar... oh well, no one will notice the difference?!
Mad Hair Day – originally sketched in pencil then redrawn using Illustrator. Collaged onto a watercolour  background in Photoshop where colour and special effects were added. Its so much fun - so many layers involved!
The idea for this illustration came from having a bad hair day (week?) while trying to come up with a new idea for a Phoebe illo for Illustration Friday. The end result has absolutely nothing to do with the latest IF topic but i feel soooo much better for having got another bad hair day out of my system! Thanks Phoebe... x

PS. This was created while listening to an inspiring black glasses wearing hero of guitar...