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Welcome Wedding Signs!

So far, this year has been all about change, moving forward, opening doors that I would never have opened before and learning to say 'yes' to projects I would normally shy away from. Its been very scary but a little bit exciting.

In January, a neighbour asked me if I could paint her a wedding sign. My immediate reaction was heart palpitations followed by a complete confidence melt down but then, from out of the blue, I heard myself say 'Yes'. What? Who do you think you are?? An artist? A sign writer? So many questions were firing at me from inside my own head but somewhere deep down inside, my buried self esteem was telling me that I should do it. So I did. Here is the first sign I painted...

Since then I have designed and painted a couple more signs, 22 rustic table numbers plus designed a range of rustic wedding invitations all of which are now listed in my etsy shop. Its so good to be designing stuff that is appreciated and focuses on the handmade side of design rat…

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