Pencil Portrait of Chippy

Every time I walk down to the art studio, I have to go through the horse paddock, and without fail, I meet our horse Chippy at the hay shed. He is a big old Welsh Mountain Pony and as cheeky and bold as they come. He's white to light grey in colour and in winter, turns into a furry white polar bear (slight exaggeration). In Spring he loses his coat (literally bags of it) and slims down to a more horsy-ish looking pony. My daughters adore him. I can't even imagine our place without his cheeky majesty hanging around somewhere – he likes to take a nap around lunch time near the chicken shed. Sometimes he turns up completely filthy from going for a roll in some ash or dirt!

I've been wanting to do a portrait of him for my daughter as he is getting a bit older now (grand old 24+ ish) so today I drew him. Can't remember the last time I actually did a realistic drawing of a horse (and finished it) so I wasn't sure how it would turn out – especially drawing a white horse on white paper? Sounded so easy... I only drew his head and neck but it was so much harder than I thought. However I finished it and showed my critics (my kids are very honest...) and hoped that it lived up to their very high expectations.

Portrait of Chippy – sketched using a very light 6H lead pencil, then finished with Derwent colour pencils. Who would have thought a white horse on white paper would be so hard to draw?!

The harshest critic, my younger daughter, was sooo ecstatic, she hugged me, jumping up and down saying 'Oh my gosh!' over and over. I think that was an approval?

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