How does a chook tip toe?

Took a bit of research and a lot of imagination but eventually I came to the conclusion that chickens don't actually tip toe in real life... that's where the imagination came in. I kept imagining cartoon characters tip toeing along to the tinkle sound of a piano - you know the sound. Anyway today I tackled the colour illo for Betty tip toeing past a... you'll have to get the book when it comes out to find out!? Here she is... x
Betty the chicken, tip toeing – hand sketched using very light lead pencil and then coloured with Derwent colour pencils. The crest and floppy bits around her face are actually coloured with a pastel pencil as the texture looked better. Have to admit that she doesn't come across as sneeky as I was hoping – maybe once the rest of the illo is done it will make sense. Or we could just add sound effects... hmmm.
Colour illo & original pencil rough – took a while to get those legs right – hope she at least looks like she's trying to  tip toe?? Ha!
Hope to post the next colour illo for the children's book I'm illustrating, Betty the Homing Hen, over the next few days. Til then... x


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