All Cats are Grey in the Dark

Just entered a couple of more designs into the latest GoodJoe T-shirt Competition: Theme No. 10 'Proverbs'. You know, proverbs as in wise things your mother (or someone wise) used to tell you ie. Patience is a virtue, Look before you leap. Remember those ittle gems? Anyway I chose 2 and and came up with a some ideas but finding something that will appeal on a T-shirt isn't easy. However, I'm really loving doing this, its such great learning curve AND its for a great cause. Again its all about the process, trying new things (ie. tackling Illustrator instead of using the usual Photoshop) and pushing myself to a whole new level (hopefully not over the edge...).

All Cats are Grey in the Dark - sketched by hand, scanned onto Mac and then redrawn using Illustrator. Outline was then imported into Photoshop and colour was added.

Really happy with the Cats in the Dark design, it was great fun and not as try hard as the other one (Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder) which looked great in my head but just didn't translate into Illustrator as well as I would have liked - too tight or something. Agh... Illustrator versus Photoshop, a constant battle. Cats however are always fun! Even slipped old Scaredy Cat into the mix (of course). Feel free to pop over and check them out at GoodJoe and vote if you like (pretty please with sugar on top? xo).

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder - this design was created completely in Illustrator


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