Illustration Friday: Grounded

"grounded – unable to fly because of weather conditions." (English Dictionary)
Grounded – hand sketched using 5B pencil, scanned onto Mac and then colour and texture were added using Photoshop. I'm loving Photoshop lately (we have a love hate relationship).

Have to say that this week's topic was an absolute torturous struggle for me. Felt like I was grounded from coming up with an idea! Actually had to consult my faithful old high school dictionary (obviously desperate) and it quoted the following: grounded – unable to fly because of weather conditions. This meaning then circled my brain in a continuous chant for what seemed liked days (OK maybe a few minutes) until finally something came to mind... a boy, standing with his finger in the air testing for a breeze, desperately wanting to fly his kite, only to find that there is no wind, not a single wisp, thus rendering his kite unable to fly because of weather conditions. Yep, sounds really lame when you put it into words. Anyway, thought I'd take advantage of the boy and his kite idea and try a retro ish Aussie summer ish style this week – something for the boys rather than the usual girlie illo!

PS. the hardest part was coming up with a boy style kite! I must have drew at least half a dozen (batty dragonee, octopusish...) before the sad eyed monster appeared. Hope its boy approved?!

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