Illustration Friday: Prepared

Prepared - you have to be really prepared to enjoy a day at the beach in the hot Aussie sun (or you'll get burnt and end up looking and feeling like a cooked lobster...). Illo sketched by hand with felt tip pen, scanned onto Mac and coloured using Photoshop.

We recently went away for a few days to visit family who live near the beach... it doesn't matter if you go for two or twenty days, when you have kids there's a lot of preparation (and packing and planning ahead) involved, especially going to the beach when you're a non-beachy bunch like us! We rarely go, so the preparation involved is always super stressful - sunscreen, towels, swimmers, spare clothes, water, zinc, more sunscreen, more water, hats, sunglasses, rashies, boogie boards and a humungous bag to put everything in. And the sun is sooo hot here in Summer (and super intensified on the beach or in the water) so being prepared is very important for lilly pillies like us! Fun in the sun? Not if you get burnt! I know - I missed putting sunscreen on my ankles... the pain.


  1. Love your idea, your colours and lines... I wish be there...
    best regards... :)

  2. Wow, this is awesome! I've just begun to learn Photoshop...this looks so wonderful!!

    1. Re photoshop - just keep playing. I'm still on a huge learning curve myself...

  3. Hey! Thanks for commenting. You are right, we DID have the same idea! I really love how loose your lines are. Sometimes I feel like I tighten my drawings up so much there is no expression left. I like it very much :D

  4. Very nice! Simple but with great details...haha, does that make sense? I really like the way you colored this too.
    Hope your ankles are feeling better!

  5. Very cute! Makes me wish for summer days!

  6. Oh no, did you really get sunburned ankles! That's no good! This looks great, so sunny and cheery. Great purple hat! And I agree with the people who would like to be there now, because it is supposed to drop 6 more inches of snow in the Chicago area today. : /

  7. Great illo and wonderful use of light! <3

  8. Thanks Anne. Tried to capture the intenseness of the sun at the beach.


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