Illustration Friday: Forward

Thinking forward (very far) into the future, I imagined myself at 88 years old (very old). I don't want to grow old gracefully (I'm not very graceful), I want to be a crazy old lady waving a cane who dyes her hair purple and can still come up with creative ideas. And at that age, it will take a lot of creative thinking, serious cane waving (and pointing) and some very clever accessorising (gym boots, skateboard and a fast dog...) just to get out the door! Lets face it, to get anywhere in this world, you must go FORWARD with all your might...
"Forward Sunny!" - this illo was sketched by hand (about a zillion times...) and then colour and texture added using Photoshop. The bone was an after thought - Sunny needed something to look FORWARD to (just to get him through this ordeal!).

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