Scaredy Cat - mreow!

OK the artwork on my last post was probably a bit dark and creepy so thought i'd lighten up and introduce you to one of my other favourite artworks, Scaredy Cat, who has been around for heaps longer than this blog. If you knew Kazart from before then you would have already met Scaredy Cat. This character is based on a crazy cat I had when I was young - freakishly wild at heart, often seen screeching down the hallway and up the leg of the dining table with a mischievious look in her eye. BUT I loved her - she was my cat. Oh and she wasn't actually stripey orange, she was more tortoise shell... stripes just make her look wilder!

Scaredy Cat (look into my eyes... mreow!
Colour pencil on paper.

Hey if you'd like to purchase a Scaredy Cat T-shirt or mug then go to the Kazart Gallery Shop at Cafe Press (go to Fave Links in right column of this blog). Hope to get more designs on there soon...


  1. Thanks Richard! Yeah I got completely immersed doing the fur... I've redrawn it a few of times since then when someone wanted an original - the fur takes forever... :)


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