McFester the Jester

I think after my last freaky post you are possibly primed to meet my oldest, dearest and most precious character - the Jester. He is very, very odd and has been hidden away for a very long time because I just couldn't find a box or niche to put him in. He just never seemed to fit peoples' expectations of me (whoah, deep...) but after my last unexpected creative outburst (ie. Silent Mime) I think his time has finally come. Very few people have seen this character so putting him out there is bigger than Ben Hur (to me that is...). Sounds crazy, I know, but the Jester goes back a very long way and has emerged time and time again, sometimes clothed (that never worked...), sometimes happy, sometimes sad but he has always stayed true to his character. He doesn't see himself as ugly or odd and can't understand why people stare and gasp. He has no vanity (which is why he doesn't wear clothes) but I think the Jester's most important quality is that he only sees inner beauty - he doesn't get distracted by or judge anything or anyone by appearance. Yep, the river runs deep where the Jester is involved - he comes from a very deep and dark place.

Come on Mc Fester, you've waited long enough! I promise they won't bite...
(PS. Try not to stare and gasp too much - you'll scare him away. And please, don't point - its rude!)

McFester the Jester (and he waited...)
Medium: watercolour pencils on watercolour paper


  1. Kaz you should post his evolution although really....put some clothes on him, you'll scare the little children. Looks like he's waiting for Mardis Gras to start

  2. Fantastic ! ~ Wow ~ great job! Very creative ~ namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy CED ^_^


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