Illustration Friday: Vanity

As soon as I found out the IL topic was VANITY, I started thinking about bright red lipstick (followed by bright blue eye shadow and running mascara...). Made me think of someone I once knew who was hysterically dramatic and used to put lipstick on, purposely going beyond the lip line and over her cheek, just for a laugh (she later went on to study acting...). Someone else once told me that when you turn 40 you are allowed to wear bright red lipstick - not sure what that means? Anyway, my imagination has been playing with dramatic actress faces (obviously over 40) wearing too much make-up holding ornate mirrors which led me to thinking of the wicked witch from Snow White - "Mirror, mirror on the wall...". SO i sat at my drawing table and started sketching, thinking of doing a watercolour and pen thingy, when I noticed my daughter's water soluble oil pastels on my table... hmmm, that could be interesting! SO so this weeks illo is a bit of an experiment with oil pastels and water colour pencils (no red lipstick used although in hind sight that could possibly have worked...). It was heaps of fun so hope you like it (if not, that's cool... I hate bright red lipstick and wouldn't be seen dead in it - is that vain?)

Vanity (or Bright Red Lipstick)
Medium: water soluble oil pastels and water colour pencils on watercolour paper


  1. Nice illustration! I like how her lashes come out of the mirror. I like red lippy myself, however I don;t think I pull it off that well.

  2. Ha! Great job with this. She does seem a bit scary. Yikes, those fingernails!

  3. Love the bold palette - and the contrast between her face and the claw-like hand holding the mirror.

  4. Like you vivid colours Karen.

  5. Love the scarlet lipstick and that all we see of the person is the reflection in the mirror.


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