Illustration Friday: Popularity

Her status in cyberspace had become so incredibly out of this world that they crowned her Miss Popularity 2012. Out there, she was Queen of the Tweets, Empress to the Blogs, but in reality, it was just her, sitting on her throne, with the constant chatting and tweeting that buzzed around her head (inside and out) day and night... or were they circling? Oh no! They're after her crown!?

Popularity - the chair was the first thing I drew. It started out as just a throne but seemed to take control of the pencil as I sketched and ended up looking like this! No idea where it came from!? Possibly could get up and walk away too. Skinny Girl (who I'm  thinking of calling Phoebe) appeared next and managed to fit into the chair perfectly (in her twisted way) using it as protection from the hovering tweets. Hand drawn using felt tip pen then coloured using Photoshop.

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