Cat Stack

Cat Stack - this is the official stack of Kazart cats - the whole kit and kaboodle! Created by collaging (and slightly tweaking) the original drawings which were all drawn and coloured by hand using Derwent colour pencils.
Hopefully I can come up with a stack more...
Just having a bit of fun here... this idea was based on a T-shirt design I created for Good Joe not long ago (it didn't win...) which featured a few of my cat characters, some existing, some still evolving. It was a simple dark grey design with only the eyes brightly coloured. So, having finally completed the finished drawings of Sneeky Cat, Grumpy Cat and Fat Cat, I have put together a full colour version of the original design using the final drawings of each cat plus the original Scaredy Cat (centre stage, of course). Creating this design was stacks (sorry) of fun! Check out my Red Bubble shop for Cat Stack T-shirts and prints. Definitely one for the cat lover! Mreow(x4)!


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