Sneaky Cat

So I have been trying to come up with another cat character... happy cat (too happy), sad cat (too sad), black cat (there's already a billion zillion out there), super cat (zzzzz...) but just couldn't imagine the right one. I even tried to remember every single cat we had when i was growing up (I've said it before - we had a lot of cats) and strangely, a sleek black cat kept popping into my head. I didn't remember having this type so I checked with Mum, and sure enough, we did have one when I was very little. Funny how your earlier memories can become like flash cards with no words?! Anyway, I let it go until it found me and finally, the character emerged from somewhere (obviously very dark and shadowy...) and plonked itself (not quite...) on the page.

Sneaky Cat - this is my latest cat character inspired by another cat we had when I was very little, "Blacky".
Medium: drawn and coloured by hand using Derwent colour pencils on cartridge paper.

Black cats always seem so slinky and sneaky like they spend their entire day grooming their fur (actually, I think they do...). The long tail just kept getting longer and longer until it formed a perfect swirl and then four of the whiskers fell off (!), leaving a sleekly tweaked moustache (no idea where the moustache came from? Possibly inspired by IF...). The blue grey colour in his coat was actually a mistake (I thought i had picked up the dark grey) but i really liked the effect so kept on with it. Finally, his shifty eyes had to be blue because: 1.  I haven't done a blue-eyed cat before and 2. it brings out the blue in his coat.
OK, he's not exactly an entirely black, sleek cat like i intended but I didn't want him to be just another plain black cat to add to the billion zillions out there already. He's unique. He's a Kazart cat, which is probably the only thing that justifies his weird tiger stripey fur (all my cats have this...). Oh and between you and me, judging by the eyes and moustache, I'd say he's pretty untrustworthy too... mreow!


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