Goodjoe Tee Design Competition - "Good Books"

Its a miracle - actually came up with a design and finished it in one day for the Goodjoe Tshirt Design Competition: theme being "Good Books". Sounds so simple but it was a struggle... just when I had given up, an idea popped out of nowhere (somewhere?) and I started to sketch it...

Curl Up with a Good Book - originally sketched by hand, this design was created using Illustrator. Yep, I finally gave Photoshop the flick for a bit... worked out OK! Phew...
Phoebe, of course, has taken 'curling up with a good book' literally and fallen asleep with the book. She looks so comfy don't you think? Either that or the book was so dull that it put her to sleep but that doesn't fit the Goodjoe theme does it?

Anyway, please, PLEASE, PLEASE(!!!?) vote for my design - its for a good cause. Its easy, just go to the link and vote if you like it (or not?).  Thanks heaps x

Also, Goodjoe are looking for more artists to design Tshirts. There's are few different competitions running and prize money involved. Seriously, check it out!


  1. Cute! Lovely layout, too.

    I totally joined and voted. And the contests sound like a fun idea. On the other hand, I remember getting all excited about Threadless and then never did a t-shirt design for that site. :D

  2. Thanks and good on you! Have to admit its a challenge coming up with an idea that works well on a Tshirt AND people would want to buy (I can only hope mine does both...) but its another learning curve and another good reason to keep pushing into the unknown. This one forced me to tackle Illustrator... it didn't beat me this time!

  3. I voted for youuuuuuu!!! This is wonderful! Reminds me of my college days when I'd always curl up with my books, hoping for osmosis. I didn't have such a beautiful mane as hers, though.

    And your painting for the exhibition below is inspirational! Yay! Sounds like a very worthwhile cause.

  4. Thanks so much Bella for your comment and also for voting! x

    Like Phoebe, reading a book late at night always puts me to sleep... zzzzzzz


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