Illustration Friday: Suspense

"suspense - state of uncertainty" (English Dictionary)

The suspense was killing them... was she going to make it? Luckily, she was being suspended by a safety harness (bungi rope?)... just in case.
Suspense - hand drawn using 0.2 black felt tip pen and coloured in Photoshop. The spiral background was created using watercolour on paper, which was then scanned onto the Mac and a radial blur filter applied in Photoshop. 
Suspense... Alfred Hitchcock. Spiral. Nail biting. Scary movie. Jaws theme music. Scream! Walking on a tight rope? Why am I writing in short, sharp sentences? The answer to the last question is because writing in short, abrupt sentences creates drama and suspense (this was actually a question in my daughter's homework this week...). The answer to the first question is, I have always found watching tight rope walkers very stressful and suspenseful (is that a word?!) especially when they're way, way up in the sky between two skyscrapers - why would anyone want to do that?!

So, I imagined Skinny Girl walking across a tight rope, with only her artwork to help balance, eyes closed (she can't watch), feeling extremely anxious about falling off into the spinning abyss for ever more... obviously she's in a complete state of uncertainty. Lets just hope that safety rope is attached to something secure and not an unexpected big scary nail biting movie type thing... AHHHH!

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