Twitter Art Exhibit: Leap of Faith

Just sent off my postcard artwork for the 2nd Twitter Art Exhibit happening at the Moss Public Library, Moss, Norway - officially starting 7pm, 13th April 2012. The exhibition is being run by David Sandum and will raise money for a very good cause - the Women's Crisis Center in Moss (you can go to their website for more info: I'm very excited to be a part of this worthwhile project and also to get my artwork displayed way over on the other side of the world in Europe! If you happen to be in Norway and just passing by, please pop in and have a look - here's a pic of my artwork that will be on display...

Leap of Faith (or reach for the stars...) - Wow! Not used to working on such a small scale... the background was created using watercolour on thick watercolour paper. I then used watercolour pencils, dry, to draw the leaping lady (Phoebe), the stars, and a few added effects to the background. The stars and her hair were finally embellished with a bit of gold glitter. Size: 160 x 120mm (postcard size)
This artwork is a actually redo of part of my first ever Phoebe artwork. Why? Because it was symbolic of my own leap of faith out into the world with only my artwork exposed and I remember how scary that was at the time. I thought this idea, being very positive, would give women of the world a little bit of hope, strength and courage to take that leap (for whatever reason...) and help them to go for their dreams.

If you'd like to enter or find out more about this exhibition go to: 


  1. I love the color and joyful movement in this wonderful work!

  2. Thanks! And hopefully it will help raise some money for the women's crisis centre.

  3. Congratulations! This is very exciting. And I remember this leaping Phoebe - though I don't think she was called Phoebe yet! Lovely job with the fluid limbs and great colors, and that starry sparkle!

  4. Yeah, it took a while for her name to happen. It is very exciting - I wish I could be on the other side of the world in April to see the exhibition!


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