Time to start the Chook Book...

According to my Collins Pocket Dictionary, the word 'procrastinate' means 'to put off, delay'. I thought the meaning would be much more dire than that – more like 'to sit on a project for years due to lack of confidence in one's ability to actually start and or finish it and have it constantly niggling at your brain until it sends you completely insane!' Or is that just me...

Anyway, today I started (restarted?) a project that has been sitting in my pile of stuff to do for 5 years. EEK!! I actually did start it way back then but it came to a halt when I started a full-time job 4 years ago. My, how time flies?! Lets just call that 4 year span 'the creative coma' which sucked up all my spare time, energy and life leaving me zapped like a tired uncreative drone stuck in auto-pilot. Too severe? Maybe. BUT now I am unemployed, extremely happy, unstressed and drawing again, so able to finally get back to the project. Hardest part was getting to the drawing table, getting my head back into it and picking up the pencil. Once I started though, it felt sooo amazing!! Why had it taken me so long?! It wasn't as hard or as daunting as I had over-imagined it to be... it was actually do-able. Lets blame it on procrastination.

What is the project?
Illustrating a childrens book called 'Betty the Homing Hen' written by an extremely good friend of mine, Karen Wynn-Jones. Four years ago, I had actually gotten as far as pencil roughs and page layouts so all I really needed to do now was get started on the colour illustrations. I had already decided to use colour pencil and pastels so finally, today, I finished the main character illustration. The relief I felt was undescribable!
Here she is... x
Betty – colour pencil illustration of the main character of upcoming childrens book, Betty the Homing Hen
written by Karen Wynn-Jones and currecntly being illustrated by me.
The final illo and the original pencil rough of Betty.

As I do the illos I will post them, so you can keep up to date with the progress of the book. I'm so excited to finally be doing this... x


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