A Very Strange Cat

I have a pile of small painted canvases in my studio that I painted a while back to use as backgrounds for my Phoebe illos. I've been wondering what to do with them – I decided to put them to good use and paint silly cats on them to sell on Etsy or at the markets. So today I painted a cat. Not a realistic painting of a cat or a portrait, but just a silly character of a cat. Actually this one is quite mean and grumpy but silly none the less...
Strange Cat on Canvas – acrylic paint on a small canvas (9.5 x 11.5 in)

Not sure if I like this cat but the fur was fun and at least it got me started AND I actually finished it. But should I even be painting? It didn't feel right – maybe it was too small? I think it made me realise that I should be drawing more and painting less. I love painting expressively with colour but I struggle with the paintbrush when it comes to painting an actual subject – I just want to ditch the paintbrush for a pencil or pastel or charcoal... mmm charcoal. Actually, the more I think about it, its because the canvas was so small and I found it really confining working on such a small scale.

What have I learnt today? Stick to what you love – which in my case is drawing, NOT painting. Saying that, I do enjoy painting but mostly BIG expressive colourful painting on HUGE canvases. Fiddly little paint brushes are just not for me... x


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