Pastel Cat Portrait

Cat Portrait in Pastel – this one was sketched with pastels using a photo as reference. The photo was actually quite low res and pixelly which suited the soft style :)

Cats have the most amazing stares. There is something quite 'knowing' about their eyes as if they are really looking down at us. This cat has that look. Even sketched in pastel without much detail, the eyes draw you in. If I can capture the eyes in every portrait I draw, then surely I can capture the soul of the subject? Hmmm... Not as easy as it sounds when drawing from a photograph ;)

Portrait Gift Pack available at my Etsy shop, kazartgallery.
If you're looking for a unique gift for someone special, I do Pet Portraits in either colour pencil or pastel. Each portrait comes with a matching greeting card and gift tag. Frame is available by request for an extra cost. Go to kazartgallery at Etsy to see more.


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