Portrait of Opal the Cat

Pencil Portrait of Opal – this one is drawn with colour pencil. Its a friend's cat (who I'm hoping will recognise her?!). I used a photo as reference.
Have I ever mentioned how much I love drawing? Ok, what about drawing with Derwent colour pencils? Well I just rediscovered another love... drawing animals. Actually, drawing anything realisticly in pencil. I LOVE IT!! As a result I have decided to start doing Pet Portraits in pencil or pastel. I hadn't realised that in all the time I have been drawing, I haven't done a realistic sketch of a dog or a cat! Seriously... it surprised me too! So now I'm dedicating myself to making people happy by sketching portraits of their beloved and most loyal furry friends. x

This one's dedicated to a distant friend (and yes I will send you the original). xo

If you want to see more, go to my Etsy shop, kazartgallery.


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