My Happy Place

My happy place

Today I finally went back in to my old job to collect my stuff that had been sitting there for 4 months since I was made redundant. Yep, i know that's a long time but stuff happens and time flies. Today was time for closure... as in I needed to go back and physically say goodbye, grab my stuff and walk out the door, closing it behind me. Done. Now I can get on with my life...

Which brings me to the next door... well, its actually an old door that I haven't been through for a while but one I have revisited many times throughout my life. This time I'm leaving it open because its where I'm meant to be, who i am and what I'm meant to be doing with my life. It is and always has been my happy place. Its where I can be me the artist, draw, sketch, paint and create stuff. It has been calling out to me for years - pulling at my heart - tearing my soul - getting stronger and louder and harder to ignore.

So here I am with no real job but happy - and drawing again. I actually have time to draw. I'm not rushing around like a crazy woman trying to work full-time and be super mum (not that I ever was or will be...).

I had forgotten how much I loved drawing!
A couple of my latest fave face sketches
So now I will draw... and see where that leads me. xo


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