Kazart Time

The other day I discovered a 3 hour block of uninterrupted time each day that is perfect for focusing on art. Yay! So now every morning I go straight to the art studio, coffee in one hand and phone in the other, and stay there until my alarm goes off and it seriously scares me every time... 3 hours goes so fast!! Its officially called Kazart time - no excuses - it has priority over everything else. This means I should be able to get at least one artwork completed every 2 days. Sounds brilliant in theory but the real test is in me getting there every morning - its amazing how easily distracted I am sometimes. However if I persist with it for at least 2 weeks it will become a habit and habits are hard to break. Sounds like a plan? Indeed it is... wish me luck!

This also means I will be blogging more often... double yay!!

The first artwork I did in Kazart time is a pencil portrait of our beloved dog, Skippy. I've just started doing Pet Portraits so it made perfect sense to do her's first (I've actually been meaning to do a portrait of her for ages). It actually took more than 3 hours though but it was sooo enjoyable... I had forgotten how much I love drawing animals?! I've decided to focus on the face, especially the eyes, that way I can capture their personality more. Here she is... x
Portrait of Skippy - sketched by hand with Derwent colour pencils. I used 3 different photos as reference.


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