Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Goodjoe Tee Design Competition - "Good Books"

Its a miracle - actually came up with a design and finished it in one day for the Goodjoe Tshirt Design Competition: theme being "Good Books". Sounds so simple but it was a struggle... just when I had given up, an idea popped out of nowhere (somewhere?) and I started to sketch it...

Curl Up with a Good Book - originally sketched by hand, this design was created using Illustrator. Yep, I finally gave Photoshop the flick for a bit... worked out OK! Phew...
Phoebe, of course, has taken 'curling up with a good book' literally and fallen asleep with the book. She looks so comfy don't you think? Either that or the book was so dull that it put her to sleep but that doesn't fit the Goodjoe theme does it?

Anyway, please, PLEASE, PLEASE(!!!?) vote for my design - its for a good cause. Its easy, just go to the link and vote if you like it (or not?).  Thanks heaps x

Also, Goodjoe are looking for more artists to design Tshirts. There's are few different competitions running and prize money involved. Seriously, check it out!  http://www.goodjoe.com/Contests/Design.aspx?id=50038ff9-a012-46a8-96bc-4feb77e27013

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Twitter Art Exhibit: Leap of Faith

Just sent off my postcard artwork for the 2nd Twitter Art Exhibit happening at the Moss Public Library, Moss, Norway - officially starting 7pm, 13th April 2012. The exhibition is being run by David Sandum and will raise money for a very good cause - the Women's Crisis Center in Moss (you can go to their website for more info: http://www.moss.kommune.no/artikkel.aspx?MId1=5277&AId=2515). I'm very excited to be a part of this worthwhile project and also to get my artwork displayed way over on the other side of the world in Europe! If you happen to be in Norway and just passing by, please pop in and have a look - here's a pic of my artwork that will be on display...

Leap of Faith (or reach for the stars...) - Wow! Not used to working on such a small scale... the background was created using watercolour on thick watercolour paper. I then used watercolour pencils, dry, to draw the leaping lady (Phoebe), the stars, and a few added effects to the background. The stars and her hair were finally embellished with a bit of gold glitter. Size: 160 x 120mm (postcard size)
This artwork is a actually redo of part of my first ever Phoebe artwork. Why? Because it was symbolic of my own leap of faith out into the world with only my artwork exposed and I remember how scary that was at the time. I thought this idea, being very positive, would give women of the world a little bit of hope, strength and courage to take that leap (for whatever reason...) and help them to go for their dreams.

If you'd like to enter or find out more about this exhibition go to: 

Monday, 20 February 2012

Illustration Friday: Fluid

Fluid... going with the flow. Phoebe decided to let go of her anxieties, hold her breath, and let the current take her on to her future destination - whatever that may be. Her life was no longer going to be an upstream battle...

Fluid - the background for this illo was created using watercolours on thick watercolour paper. I let the paint go with the flow of the water and then took a photo before it dried to capture the wet look. The drawing was sketched using black felt pen, scanned onto the Mac, coloured in Photoshop and then collaged with the background.
PS. Just in case you get the wrong idea... she's holding her nose, not picking it.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Commissioned Portrait (so far)

I have been working on a commissioned painted portrait over the last couple of months. The reason I haven't posted anything until now is because I wasn't even sure if I could do it! This artwork is completely different to anything I have done before and using oils (I haven't done much in this medium...). Complete lack of confidence, I know, but this was no ordinary portrait to take on...

Gloria - the portrait so far. Its almost finished, just a few more tweaks here and there, but I will have to put the paintbrush down at some stage and declare it finished or I'll go on tweaking forever... the more I look at it, the more things I find to fix!

The lady to be painted, Gloria, sadly passed away last year, which is why her husband wanted her portrait painted. Unfortunately there were very few photos ever taken of this wonderful lady because she didn't like having her photo taken and the photos that do exist are not very detailed. The brief was to paint a portrait of her sitting on her favourite chair with their little dog sitting next to her. As there is no actual photo of this scenario, it had to be reconstructed using about 5 different photos as reference (a couple of photos of the sofa, one of the little dog, and a few different pics of Gloria sitting on another chair).

This was the final approved sketch which was then drawn onto the canvas.
Once a rough design sketch was worked out and the best format (square or rectangle canvas) decided on, I finally started painting, which was to be on a large size square canvas (approx. 1 x 1 metre). The actual painting of the background was the most daunting part - I had painted faces and people before but not furniture or room settings! I then realised the scale of the job ahead... BUT I was determined to prove to myself that I could do this - no matter what the negative little voice in my head kept saying. And so I began to paint...

Day 7 - this is how the portrait looked after approximately 7 days of painting (over a period of about a month that is).  The background was killing me... at this stage I was ready to give up.
The sofa was killing me... so much detail, so many little studs, I felt completely overwhelmed - could I really do this? At this point I actually rang the client and suggested he find another artist. My confidence was nil. But somehow he managed to talk me around and convince me to give it another month (what an incredibly wonderful man?). I agreed to keep going, got off the phone and amazingly started to paint...

A couple of weeks later, the portrait was close to being finished so I sent him a photo. I waited anxiously, convinced he wasn't even going to recognise the lady in the portrait! He was really happy with it - only her eye colour needed changing! You can't imagine how relieved I felt...

Now to just get those final tweaks done. Will post the completed painting soon...

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Illustration Friday: Popularity

Her status in cyberspace had become so incredibly out of this world that they crowned her Miss Popularity 2012. Out there, she was Queen of the Tweets, Empress to the Blogs, but in reality, it was just her, sitting on her throne, with the constant chatting and tweeting that buzzed around her head (inside and out) day and night... or were they circling? Oh no! They're after her crown!?

Popularity - the chair was the first thing I drew. It started out as just a throne but seemed to take control of the pencil as I sketched and ended up looking like this! No idea where it came from!? Possibly could get up and walk away too. Skinny Girl (who I'm  thinking of calling Phoebe) appeared next and managed to fit into the chair perfectly (in her twisted way) using it as protection from the hovering tweets. Hand drawn using felt tip pen then coloured using Photoshop.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Thick Black Glasses No. 4

Its been a while since I did a BIG face wearing thick black glasses. This one has been in the works (my head) for a while but just needed a prompt (kick up the backside) to get it done. As you know I love thick black glasses and I love Lisa Loeb's music AND she just happens to wear... What you didn't know is that my husband has a thing for librarians which is strange because he married me and I have never worn glasses (up until now that is...) but he does hang out in bookstores a lot... hmmm. Anyway, decided to do something special for him (partner/manager/buttkicker/inspiration) for Valentines Day this year, not that I believe in it but might as well make the most of it. Sort of killing two birds with one stone really, a present for his majesty AND getting that next BIG face out of my head and onto paper...

Thick Black Glasses No. 4 - this is sort of a tribute to Lisa Loeb, librarians and women in general who wear thick black glasses (cool). Sketched using pastels on a big piece of cartridge paper (approx. 60 x 85cm) on the floor because its so messy (love it).  Really enjoyed drawing the hair and yes, I know she doesn't have red hair but just had to get that orange in somewhere...

Thursday, 9 February 2012

"Kazart Butterfly No.4 iphone case" iPhone & iPod Cases by Karen Sagovac | RedBubble

I'm not a pink person at all but I am really happy with this...

"Kazart Butterfly No.4 iphone case" iPhone & iPod Cases by Karen Sagovac |
You can now also buy the butterfly designs printed on greeting cards and postcards from RedBubble too!

New Stuff on Etsy

Finally I've added some new stuff to my Etsy shop - yeah! Eventually will get around to adding more - it all takes time. Here's a sneak peek...
Kazart Butterfly Print Greeting Cards & Gift Tags - the butterfly designs are now available as printed cards. Each card comes with a BONUS matching gift tag. These designs are actually reproduction prints of original painted canvases I did as part of a series. The paintings have all sold except for one (bottom right design). I will be adding the unsold painting to Etsy for sale soon. 
Kazart Cat Greeting Cards & Gift Tags - this is the whole kit and kaboodle of Kazart Cat characters which are now available as printed cards. Each card comes with a BONUS matching gift tag. There are also 8 x 10" prints available too!
Click here on Etsy shop to see more Kazart stuff! You can also buy the cats and butterfly designs printed on greeting cards and postcards from RedBubble too!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Illustration Friday: Suspense

"suspense - state of uncertainty" (English Dictionary)

The suspense was killing them... was she going to make it? Luckily, she was being suspended by a safety harness (bungi rope?)... just in case.
Suspense - hand drawn using 0.2 black felt tip pen and coloured in Photoshop. The spiral background was created using watercolour on paper, which was then scanned onto the Mac and a radial blur filter applied in Photoshop. 
Suspense... Alfred Hitchcock. Spiral. Nail biting. Scary movie. Jaws theme music. Scream! Walking on a tight rope? Why am I writing in short, sharp sentences? The answer to the last question is because writing in short, abrupt sentences creates drama and suspense (this was actually a question in my daughter's homework this week...). The answer to the first question is, I have always found watching tight rope walkers very stressful and suspenseful (is that a word?!) especially when they're way, way up in the sky between two skyscrapers - why would anyone want to do that?!

So, I imagined Skinny Girl walking across a tight rope, with only her artwork to help balance, eyes closed (she can't watch), feeling extremely anxious about falling off into the spinning abyss for ever more... obviously she's in a complete state of uncertainty. Lets just hope that safety rope is attached to something secure and not an unexpected big scary nail biting movie type thing... AHHHH!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

"Kazart Cat Stack Tshirt" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Karen Sagovac | RedBubble

"Kazart Cat Stack Tshirt" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Karen Sagovac | RedBubble:

Cat Stack

Cat Stack - this is the official stack of Kazart cats - the whole kit and kaboodle! Created by collaging (and slightly tweaking) the original drawings which were all drawn and coloured by hand using Derwent colour pencils.
Hopefully I can come up with a stack more...
Just having a bit of fun here... this idea was based on a T-shirt design I created for Good Joe not long ago (it didn't win...) which featured a few of my cat characters, some existing, some still evolving. It was a simple dark grey design with only the eyes brightly coloured. So, having finally completed the finished drawings of Sneeky Cat, Grumpy Cat and Fat Cat, I have put together a full colour version of the original design using the final drawings of each cat plus the original Scaredy Cat (centre stage, of course). Creating this design was stacks (sorry) of fun! Check out my Red Bubble shop for Cat Stack T-shirts and prints. Definitely one for the cat lover! Mreow(x4)!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Sneaky Cat

So I have been trying to come up with another cat character... happy cat (too happy), sad cat (too sad), black cat (there's already a billion zillion out there), super cat (zzzzz...) but just couldn't imagine the right one. I even tried to remember every single cat we had when i was growing up (I've said it before - we had a lot of cats) and strangely, a sleek black cat kept popping into my head. I didn't remember having this type so I checked with Mum, and sure enough, we did have one when I was very little. Funny how your earlier memories can become like flash cards with no words?! Anyway, I let it go until it found me and finally, the character emerged from somewhere (obviously very dark and shadowy...) and plonked itself (not quite...) on the page.

Sneaky Cat - this is my latest cat character inspired by another cat we had when I was very little, "Blacky".
Medium: drawn and coloured by hand using Derwent colour pencils on cartridge paper.

Black cats always seem so slinky and sneaky like they spend their entire day grooming their fur (actually, I think they do...). The long tail just kept getting longer and longer until it formed a perfect swirl and then four of the whiskers fell off (!), leaving a sleekly tweaked moustache (no idea where the moustache came from? Possibly inspired by IF...). The blue grey colour in his coat was actually a mistake (I thought i had picked up the dark grey) but i really liked the effect so kept on with it. Finally, his shifty eyes had to be blue because: 1.  I haven't done a blue-eyed cat before and 2. it brings out the blue in his coat.
OK, he's not exactly an entirely black, sleek cat like i intended but I didn't want him to be just another plain black cat to add to the billion zillions out there already. He's unique. He's a Kazart cat, which is probably the only thing that justifies his weird tiger stripey fur (all my cats have this...). Oh and between you and me, judging by the eyes and moustache, I'd say he's pretty untrustworthy too... mreow!