Illustration Friday: Lost

Phoebe couldn't see for the fog so she climbed to the top of a hill to see if she could get her bearings. She had lost all sense of direction and was completely lost. No matter which way she looked, everything looked the same. In fact, everything looked like... socks? In her lostdom, she had actually stumbled across the lost land of odd lost socks (as in the place where all your lost socks disappear to, never to be found again...). She couldn't believe her eyes and she couldn't wait to get back to tell everyone - if only she could work out which way to go...

Lost - in the lost land of odd lost socks (or lost odd socks - whatever...). Have to admit, I got completely lost in doing this illo - it was sooo much fun! 
PS. Hope she find the land of lost black pens next... all mine are there! x

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