Illustration Friday - Suspend

When Phoebe was little, she thought her mother must have been some sort of Super Mum with magical powers who could do everything at once and move at the speed of light. In reality, her mother walked so fast that Phoebe could never keep up and literally flew behind her suspended in mid air. OK slight exaggeration but you get the picture... 

Suspend - Suspended in mid air. Started off with a completely different idea for this but love the end result. Hand sketched originally, then redrawn using Illustrator. Background created in Photoshop.


  1. Lovely - so graceful and dreamy.

  2. Thanks Joan! The wings seem to be a natural addition x

  3. Haha, cute story! This is so sweet. Love the background.

  4. Cute! Adorable with the teddy bear going everywhere too :) Totally dreamy background.

    1. Thanks Angel. Poor bear has one arm stretched longer from being dragged around everywhere (as every bear does). x

  5. This illo melts my heart. It's beautiful. Love the wings.

  6. Aww... thanks Mardi. I'm glad it touched your heart. x


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