Illustration Friday - Refresh

I have this song lyric stuck in my head - "Refresh yourself!" or at least I think that's the lyric?! It won't go away. So I took a long hard look at myself and thought about just how I could 'refresh myself'. A hair cut and colour immediately came to mind. A strong coffee? Detox? New clothes? Rethink how i look at the world perhaps? A tropical holiday (now you're talking!)? A job to pay for all this? Can only afford the coffee at the moment so instead I created an abstract self portrait depicting how I really feel on the inside versus how I am supposed to look like I feel on the outside. Does that even make sense? Think I need a break to refresh my head...

Refresh - abstract self portrait originally hand drawn using pencil then recreated using Illustrator and Photoshop. 
Abstract Self Portrait Sketch - this is the original pencil sketch which i quite like as is. Thinking of doing something more with this using pastels or oil paint and on a larger scale. The digital version just doesn't quite cut it...


  1. Wonderful sketch! Really neat, crisp style and effect. The colored version seems a bit more flat and has a bit of a blurry quality that I'm not quite feeling!


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