Fat Cat Painting

Just finished a painting of my character, Fat Cat! I haven't actually painted the cat characters before, usually I illustrate them in colour pencil on paper, but lately I have been thinking about painting them with bright backgrounds instead of going with the usual stark white ones like in the drawings. Sometimes things just circle around in my head (sometimes for days, weeks...), annoying the crap out of me, until finally I just have to do it - paint or draw it, that is. Its great when it actually works out how I imagined... now I have to do more! Hoping to sell them at the markets soon. Yep, I've decided to do markets again to get my work out there in a physical sense.

PS. If you're interested in buying any of my work then please let me know. x

Fat Cat - painted in acrylic on canvas. Size: 300mm width x 400mm height x 15mm depth. Thought about using oils for this but they take so long to dry so opted for acylics instead. Still worked out OK?


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