I don't normally do this sort of thing BUT the other day while sorting out some stuff for a garage sale I found two ancient treasures I thought I had lost forever - a postcard and a picture cut out from a magazine. Crazy? I know, sounds ridiculous but seriously, these two bits of paper have meant more to me than all the gold jewellery I have ever owned (OK I don't like gold jewellery and don't have much anyway but you get what I mean...).

The Quest - to find my destiny. Funny how we all travel far far away to find what it is we are looking for only to discover that it was back at home all along?
The postcard was purchased in the UK when I was in my early 20's backpacking overseas in search of myself (almost sounds romantic...). It became my mantra and inspired me to keep going for years after that...
"My quest has begun from here to eternity 
and I shall not stop until I reach my destiny!"

Recently, on yet another quest, I thought about the postcard and what it had said but I couldn't remember the words. I also had no idea what had happened to the postcard but then strangely enough, I found it - all was not lost - things could only get better. How can one daggy old postcard mean so much?

Destiny - unknown artist sitting in a huge studio... lets ignore the fact that its a man - it should be a girl and it should be me!
The other piece of paper is a snippet from a magazine of an artist in paint splattered overalls sitting on the floor of a big airy light filled studio with a finished painting behind him. Obviously he was exhausted from painting non-stop and had nothing left to offer but a slight smirk of satisfaction having finished that huge piece of work. I loved this picture and still do. I have thought of it often, pining to be the artist sitting on the floor in paint splattered overalls. It tugs at my heart. When I have dreamed about where I wanted to be or what place I would escape to, it was never a tropical island, it was always into this picture. How could one cut-out picture affect my soul so incredibly year after year after year?

So having recently found both these treasures at the same time, I have to say it couldn't possibly have been by accident or coincidence but in fact, it had to be fate. My quest has ended (phew) - the magazine picture is obviously my destiny!?

New quest:  to find a whopping big studio... x


  1. So cool about finding those lost items! And a wonderful story to go with each one. The second is a photo? It looks so much like a painting. I think it's really neat, too. Would be so cool to have a big studio with loads of natural light! (Also, that guy is pretty cute.) :)


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