Portrait of a Rock Chick

It's now week 3 of my new oil painting class. Still learning heaps! Starting to get the hang of oils - its a big learning curve. Every now and then I get the urge to pick up a pencil or pastel (which I'm much more at home with) rather than a brush but I fight it off (usually with a big brush). I've been working on another portrait over the last 2 classes which I finshed off today at home. Well its pretty much finished and yes, I know, I've already signed it which should officially declare it finished BUT being oil, it needs to dry, and as it sits drying, I tend to find things that need fixing, so therefore, it more than likely isn't really truly quite finished yet?! Lets just say its finished for today...

Portrait of a Rock Chick - painted portrait in oil on a canvas pad (297 x 420mm). I actually photographed this artwork outside on the garden table as the light inside was playing all sorts of weird tricks with the colour and detail so excuse the slightly skew photography (trying to photograph from above without a ladder is not easy!). At least the colours are true though. Promise I'll use a ladder next time....
Hmmm... I just noticed something that needs fixing. Excuse me?


  1. Karen, you have done INCREDIBLY well - this is amazing, I'd never guess you were only 3 weeks into your course!!

  2. Thanks Tina! Its really only a painting class but not being used to oils, I have learnt so much. Getting there....

  3. Lovely! Such a great job on the colors in the face. I love the ear peeking out. One day I'd love to take an oil painting class, but I don't know when I'd fit it in and then I'd have to buy all the materials and I'd want lots of colors... :D (Also, the photo is totally fine and clear!)

  4. Ha! I used to think like that too - how could i possibly have time for a painting class? Push it to the top of your list and just decide to do it - the rest will just fall into place. :)

  5. Could just be if this is the Marie I think it is?!


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