illustration Friday: Swamp

Phoebe was swamped by doubt, in fact, her mind felt exactly like a dark, murky swamp. She was bogged - overwhelmed by an entangled soup of swampy green envy and bubbling self doubt. Lets face it, she was a bit over-dramatic sometimes... nothing a good cup of tea couldn't fix though?! Tea fixes everything...

Swamp - had so much fun with this one! Background was created by dropping and splattering a mix of yellow and blue watercolour on wet paper. Phoebe illo was drawn using 2B pencil then scanned onto the Mac and colourised in Photoshop. I wanted to keep the sketchy pencil lines for this one instead of going with the usual black felt tip pen look.
Warning: sitting in a hot cup of tea not recommended for the faint-hearted (let it cool first...).

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