illustration Friday: Shades

Its been a bit of a weird shady grey blue (purple?) sort of week but all I could think of for this topic was that awful song from the 80s by Corey someone(?) "I wear my Sunglasses at Night"- ahhhhh... frightful really. So I let it be and waited for a better idea to pop into my head... and waited... and waited. Then as I was staring at the wall thinking maybe I'd give this week's topic the big flick, I realised I was staring at a pencil drawing of a very shady weirdly distorted man's face wearing glasses that i had drawn in college ages ago. Hmmm... a bit of photoshop magic and here is my shady overly-distorted weirdo wearing shades, in shades of purple (of course). See below for how it was created. I think the song that comes to mind is now "I'm a Creep"...

Shades - the original drawing was drawn in lead pencil using a grid to create the exaggerated distorted view (see below for process). I then scanned it onto the Mac and played around with photoshop effects and colourisation to give it an edgier darker shadier(?) feel. OK creepy...

How did I get it so distorted without using a computer? By hand drawing an exactly proportioned grid over the reference pic and then drawing another randomly spaced grid on a large piece of paper (some lines closer and some lines far apart making some squares very small and others very large). I then drew the face square by square, resulting in a very distorted view of the original face. This was done in a drawing class at college and is such an interesting idea... must do more with this!

Original ref with exactly proportioned grid drawn over it. 
Original pencil drawing - I love this sketch! People always look at me strangely when I say that?!

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