illustration Friday: Yield

Phoebe refused to yield. She pushed against the opposing force that was blocking her path - it wasn't going to win this time. She pushed and pushed with all her will until finally it yielded. The walls came crashing down. She was free to follow her dreams at last...

Yield - originally sketched by hand in pencil, then redrawn in Illustrator using the charcoal brush to give the lines extra strength (and grit?). The purple swirl background was originally created in Photoshop for another illo - it has been recycled, rejigged and recoloured to give Phoebe super purple powers!


  1. I love those super purple powers! Lovely illustration. :)
    Jess xx

  2. Nice! I can see the effort. I like the way you've used a smattering of bricks to show the wall coming down. She is one strong chick!

  3. Such movement! Even though I don't draw digitally, it's fun to read the steps in your process. And I like your "black glasses" drawings a lot, too! I think it's really hard to sketch portraits and have them appear to have natural expressions, and you've achieved that!

  4. Thanks for your comments guys (girls?)! This one was fun with a twist of seriousness... go girl power!

  5. Go Phoebe! Love the bricks falling, can definitely feel the movement here. Nice message too. :) Don't let anything stand in the way of your dreams!

  6. Thats right! Its much easier to just give up. That last wall is always a doosy but worth the effort....
    Thanks for your comment :)


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