There's no place like home...

Some people go away for the holidays but I think its much more relaxing potting around at home with the kids and the dogs (and the chickens) - playing games, doing humungous jigsaws ( that stay on the floor until February...), going on mini outings (ie. the park or shopping or a walk down the road), watching silly kid movies, etc. The kids turn wild (only brushing their hair when we go out) and everyone is relaxed. We all get to do the things we've been meaning to do all year like revamp my blog, revamp the vegie patch, tackle the washing pile that never seems to make it into the washing machine, catch up with people we've been meaning to see, read that book that I'm always too tired to read. The inside of our house looks as if a giant cracker full of toys and craft has exploded (so please give me half an hour notice if you plan to pop 'round...). Yep, nothing like staying at home for the holidays... anyone know a good house keeper?
This is the house I created for McFester the Jester but it does resemble our real home (slightly sort of kind of) so I thought it would be good to use for this post. I was wondering where all the cutlery had gone...


  1. I'm looking for a second job? Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

  2. Thanks Hel B - hope you had a great CHristmas too! Re - second job: I can't afford to pay anyone anyway - maybe I should become a house keeper?!


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