Illustration Friday: Brigade

We put up our Christmas tree this weekend (after much pestering from the kids) so 'its beginning to feel a bit like Christmas' (thanks Bing...) at our house! Even the Santa stockings are hung by the chimney ready to be stuffed to the point that toys are spilling out onto the floor. The size of the stockings seems to be getting bigger every year (if someone actually wore them they would be a giant...) and kids' Christmas lists are definitely getting longer (and very specific). This led me to thinking about poor old Santa trying to deliver the HUGE amount of presents asked for by kids all over the world each Christmas. How does he do it? With a BRIGADE of helpers of course! If there was ever anyone who needed a brigade it would have to be Santa, hands down, he wins. So this weeks illo is in honour of Santa and his brilliant brigade of helpers who miraculously get the job done in just one night every year...

Santa and his trusty Brigade
It would seriously take a brigade to get that HUGE sack of presents into the sleigh. What would he do without them? Sketched in black felt tip pen, scanned onto the Mac and coloured in Photoshop.

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