Illustration Friday: Sink

Sink –sinking down, down, down into the dark deep. Sketched by hand using black felt tip pen and then scanned onto the Mac. Background created using watercolours on watercolour paper, then scanned onto Mac. Collaged using Photoshop and then colour and effects added. This illo features same character as IF: Scary.

Sink – sink, sunk, sinking feeling. For this weeks IF topic only one thing came to mind – the sinking feeling of losing your main source of work (to the financial crisis) - a big shock that can knock you completely off balance and into the deep... sinking, down, down, down. Luckily all my Christmas shopping has been done so guess I'll just chill over Christmas and start looking for more work in the New Year. I should be back afloat by then...
And thankyou Illo Friday – creating this artwork made me feel sooo much better and actually pulled me out of a pending artist's block. IF is definitely worth the effort! x

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