Yay! Just entered a T-shirt design Competition!

I finally did it, that is, came up with an idea, created a design and entered it into a competition before the closing date (first time for everything...). Great way to end this year and start the next. I'm very excited about this comp, not that I expect to win, but it is for a good cause, Goodjoe is a T-shirt design company that only prints designs that will make a difference to the world. Love this idea - good on you Goodjoe! So, feeling very strongly about overly-plastic-packaging and over-consumerism and thinking back to an era when life was much more simple (and so was the packaging), I based my design on KISS - which stands for Keep It Simple Stupid (advice given to us by our Geography teacher in High School). Have to say I hated geography and didn't do very well at it but this little gem has stuck with me for life (so I did learn something after all!).

PS. if you want to check out Goodjoe T-shirts or even better, vote for my design (?!), then go to the Goodjoe website. x
KISS - hand sketched with black felt tip pen, scanned onto Mac and coloured in Photoshop. The dress is actual fabric scanned in and colourised in Photoshop too. Wanted to create an illo with a simple late 1960's to early 1970's style. And yes my mother did dress me in homemade dresses and big bows when i was very little (love you Mum).

Below is another design (Plan B) I created for the same theme but somehow the impact got lost in the translation from my head to paper ie. it sounded like a grreat idea but just didn't cut it (no lunch pun intended) as a final design (to me anyway). Oh well...
KISS lunch - I used a scrunched up brown paper bag for the realistic bag texture. Liked the idea of collaging real textures - something new I haven't tried and seemed to work for this simple style. You see what I mean about the lunch design though - just doesn't have the WOW factor needed to be able to pull off being printed on a T-shirt, does it?


  1. Nothing wrong with the illustrations, they're cute. Have a go at something a bit more edgy. Take a look at sites like "Think Geek" get the younglings in and you're making your mark. And your tagline..ditch an 'era'.... (sorry constructive criticism, not personal.) It's really hard to pack a punch these days but you need to, in order to get the message across. Of course my darling, I will vote for you but...give 'edgy' a thought. MWAH

  2. Yep you're right and in hind sight the tag line shouldn't even be there! But hey, just did what came to mind and poured out onto paper - it was more about the doing, experimenting, actually getting it out there, making the deadline. x


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