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Welcome Wedding Signs!

So far, this year has been all about change, moving forward, opening doors that I would never have opened before and learning to say 'yes' to projects I would normally shy away from. Its been very scary but a little bit exciting. Hand painted Wedding sign (900 x 600mm) for Tracy at Make the Day Events. I designed the sign and painted the wording and my husband Steve cut and stained the wood. Image, easel and beautiful floral arrangement by makethedayevents In January, a neighbour asked me if I could paint her a wedding sign. My immediate reaction was heart palpitations followed by a complete confidence melt down but then, from out of the blue, I heard myself say 'Yes'. What? Who do you think you are?? An artist? A sign writer? So many questions were firing at me from inside my own head but somewhere deep down inside, my buried self esteem was telling me that I should do it. So I did. Here is the first sign I painted... Since then I have designed and painted a

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