Cool Change

Phoebe was having a zen moment as she sat taking in the cool breeze. Finally a southerly buster had come through, obliterating the stifling hot air that had been suffocating her all day long. She closed her eyes and listened to the wind roar through the gum trees – here, there, and way way over there. It was music to the ears – a symphony just for her. The cool breeze filled her lungs, calmed her soul and made her feel at peace with the weather. It was no longer a battle for survival.
Phoebe, Cool Change – hand sketched then digitally painted using Illustrator and Photoshop. The background is one of my hand painted canvases that has been scanned. The initial sketch and story came to me as I sat on the verandah in the cool breeze after a stinking hot day. The final illo was created bit by bit over a few days. Each Phoebe illo takes approx 4 to 6 hours to create.

Its already February and this is my first post for the year. We've been chilling out, recharging exhausted batteries and trying to stay cool in the heat - the other day was 44 degrees celcius! We don't have air conditioning so staying indoors and doing as little as possible was the plan. Great if you are relaxing on holidays as we were last month but crappy if you have to do any work. Thank goodness for fans... I LOVE FANS!!

However, back at work this month with a new venture to work on. Kazart headquarters (otherwise known as Kaos) has been cleaned and sorted and my art studio tidied up in readiness for a busy year ahead. So excited to be able to concentrate on my art and design again! I have some big ideas and sooo much to do... not sure where to start but can't wait to get started. Its great to feel inspired...

With another heat wave about to hit, pray you stay cool until the next cool change comes through. xo


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