Phoebe - Seriously shopped out...

Phoebe - Seriously shopped out: originally sketched in pencil, redrawn and coloured using Illustrator. Real paper textures scanned and collaged into illo using Photoshop. Background was painted on canvas and then added using Photoshop. Usual Kazart swirl added just because I love swirls... x

Phoebe collapsed in a heap (of shopping)... she was over it. Done. Finished. She was seriously all shopped out. Christmas shopping, grocery shopping, post Christmas sales shopping, more grocery shopping, using-gift-voucher shopping, January sale shopping, even more grocery shopping, school stuff shopping... surely that was it?

Exhausted, she decided to make herself a nice cup of tea. Ahhhh! She gasped and almost fainted as she realised with horror that the one thing she had forgotten to buy was tea... oh no!!! How was she going to survive?!

(Horrible truth: The one thing you forget when you go shopping is ALWAYS the most important...)


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