Old Man (charcoal & pastel)

Old Man - Roughly sketched in pencil first on quality drawing paper (I bought it years ago so it has a natural creamish-white colour). I then used black conti to do the actual drawing and pastels to colour. A deliciously soft compressed black charcoal was then used for definition and final shading. Yep, I had charcoal everywhere... love it!

Today was a gift – one of those rare days you remember for years to come. I spent most of it in the art studio (by myself) which I haven't done in months. Usually I just don't have the time to spare and when I do, I have the kids with me or at least constant interruptions or guilt attacks because I should be doing something else. Today however, was perfect. My husband had the kids and they all stayed out of my hair. It was exhilarating to say the least. I painted for a couple of hours in the morning and then drew all afternoon. Time didn't seem to exist. I was so engrossed in my art that the world could have blown up and I wouldn't even have noticed. The creative itch that had been driving me crazy was finally scratched at last...


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