Big Red Canvas

Big Red Canvas No 1 – acrylic paint on large canvas (1000 x 70cm ish)

Sometimes I just feel like painting... I felt like painting blue but I had tonnes more red paint and not much blue so red won. Next time I'll do blue. There is something so satisfying about painting colour on a large scale. I used crimson, yellow, white, black and a mysterious redish pink tube of leftover paint from who knows where? Choosing which brush to use was probably the hardest part but once I had it in my hand, I started. I basically let the paint and the brush have its way and didn't think about it – just let it happen. Not sure how many hours passed or how many times I listened to the same CD over and over but there it was... a big red painting. As I stood back and looked at it for what seemed like the first time ever, I wondered what its destiny would be? 

Can't wait to do blue...


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