I Dream of Big Faces

I dream of big faces – sounds odd? Yep. For years I have gone to sleep at night dreaming of a huge studio full of big bold faces - painted on canvases, sketched on huge pieces of paper, bold, black and white, bright coloured backgrounds - I could see them clear as day. Obviously it was a dream which I have ignored for years... until now. After losing sight of who I really was for a while (and ending up immensely unhappy in the process) I have recently woke up and revived my love of drawing. The big bold faces just never gave up - the more I tried to ignore them, the more they tugged at my soul until… FINALLY I did one! SHE'S ALIVE! At least that's how it feels. Have I been asleep like Snow White or what?! That's why i have created this blog - to inspire me to keep going and post my new artworks as they emerge. 

So here's the first big face. A bit on the portraity boring side but it took me 3 days and far out did it feel good! There's other more interesting big faces coming so please keep posted...
Painted on canvas using acrylic, this portrait is a model from the drawing group I attend (used photo as reference). Size 900 x 600mm. First big painted portrait I've ever really done - very exciting! Not sure if its any good or not but hey its finished and its going in the local MTAS exhibition this weekend (scary...). 

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