Geek Girl

Funny enough, I was trying to come up with a new witchy character to accompany another character and Geek Girl appeared - no idea where from? She's obviously been waiting in the back of my mind for her moment to shine. I was thinking of people who inspired me so perhaps she is a collaboration of that idea. Her cowgirl boots are definitely a tribute to the inspirational artist, Kelly Rae Roberts, who literally changed my life overnight. I guess Geek Girl also reminds me of a truely inspirational friend of mine who of course wears glasses, is a sharp witted amazing writer, often peeks over her glasses fluttering her long lashes and who is constantly trying new ways of taming her mass of springy curls (although her hair is not at all orange - I just like using orange...). The black skivvy and pink skirt probably represents my fatal attraction to black versus my horror in wearing anything pastel. The leopard print tights? Definitely an after thought - just seemed to add another layer of intrigue. But hey, lets not over think things...

Geek Girl character is hand-sketched in pencil and coloured using Photoshop.

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