Big Face in Black Glasses no. 3

I love this drawing - it makes me laugh everytime i look at it! Its a BIG pastel and charcoal drawing of a very good friend's very good (looking) friend - obviously in silly cogneto with the beanie and borrowed glasses. It was supposed to be small but somehow ended up BIG (surprise, surprise). Oh well, I'll just have to do another one much smaller... now I have my new glasses (any wonder my artworks were getting bigger and bigger). Guess what colour they are?!

if only i can work out how to get the images to appear bigger on this blog - sort of defeats the purpose don't you think?!


  1. Keep creating these big faces :D Never ignore your dreams :) all the best.

  2. It's beautiful and a rare glimpse at Jeff being goofy. He has it as his facebook icon so I guess he likes it. Do me! Do meeeeee!

  3. Karen go into the post and click on the image, you'll get a little line at the bottom that lets you select a size. However the pic might overlap the borders of the text frame if you make it too big. Alternatively ask people to click on he image to enlarge it and scan it in at high res.

  4. Thanks Helen - you are a serious syberspace genius!


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