The Journey Part 3 – Light of Hand

The Journey hasn't quite turned out how I first imagined it. It started out as an artistic adventure to bring Kazart back to life but instead the opposite happened. It evolved into something much more personal and hard to express resulting in Kazart shutting down for a few months. This is why it has taken so long for Part 3 to eventuate. Life and priorities don't always allow us the luxury of time to indulge in artistic pursuits or things that we enjoy. I say 'luxury' because spending time in my art studio has become a precious gift which I don't get to enjoy as often as I used to. Don't get me wrong – I'm not complaining – I now appreciate my gift more than ever before.

So The Journey continues... I've had some time to re-energise and catch up on things. Part 3 is an expression of where we are now – in a better place. I woke up at 4am one morning with a list of a million things I should do racing through my head so I got up and wrote it all down. One of them was to 'paint more of The Journey'. Scribbling ideas on a piece of paper, I felt excited...

The Journey – Part 3

I literally painted it just using my hands... it was so liberating. Basically I couldn't decide which brush to use, got paint all over my hands trying to squeeze paint out of an old dried up tube, then looked at my hands and thought, "What a waste?' So I turned and wiped it onto the canvas which then evolved into painting the entire canvas with my fingers whilst listening to Florence and The Machine over and over. Brush dilemma solved!

This was my hand after I finished the painting - and after I had rubbed off most of the paint!
Acrylic paint dries quickly! Note the red dot on my middle finger? I cut it on the surface of the
canvas somehow. Had to call it a day after that... didn't want red on my painting!

Part 2 was mostly dark with a burst of hope. Part 3 has turned it around. The darkness has been pushed back allowing light and warmth to rise, like a shield of protective energy, calming the storm left within. It may sound weird but remember, it's all about painting it as you feel it. I just let the painting happen. 

Until Part 4...  xo

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