Kazart Tiger Cat

Ok so I did intend to do a finished illustration of Whacky Cat BUT... I started to draw, then I rubbed a bit out and redrew it... then I rubbed a bit more out and redrew that... after about an hour of drawing and redrawing (I lost track of time), Whacky Cat had transformed into a completely new character! Sorry fellow - your day will come ;) Sometimes what you set out to create doesn't eventuate as you picture it - you just have to go with the flow and let the character come to life on its own terms.

On saying that, meet my newest cat character, Tiger Cat, who insisted on having black stripes... seriously, I had no choice!

Tiger Cat - Hand drawn using a 2H pencil on cartridge paper then coloured using Derwent colour pencils. I wouldn't normally use a 2H pencil - too light - but luckily I did because I redrew it at least 1000 times (slight exaggeration of course).

Loving the time spent drawing at the moment - unfortunately at the cost of time with friends and extended family... oops! Hopefully they will understand - it was them or art - something had to give.

PS Love all my friends and family truly, dearly...  xoxoxo


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