Phoebe - Wishing on a Christmas Star

This is the illo for the first ever Phoebe Christmas card! Yep I am so excited! I've wanted to create one for so long but it had to be the right idea for Phoebe first. She couldn't star in just any old Christmas card - it had to be something slightly over the edge in a quirky Phoebe way... here it is at last!

Phoebe decided to get into the swing of things early this Christmas and avoid the last minute rush but it seemed she wasn’t the only one…
Phoebe Wishing on a Christmas Star - Phoebe was hand sketched and then redrawn and coloured in Adobe Illustrator. The star took a lot more thought (actually had to sleep on it...) but eventually it came to me... alfoil! Scanned and dropped into the outline of the star, I then added a glow effect in Photoshop. Its definitely the star of the illo!?
 If you want to see how it looks printed on a Christmas card, cushion, tote bag, iphone cover, Tshirt or mug, then go to  Redbubble and visit my Kazartgallery shop. There's heaps more Kazart stuff and other Christmas gift ideas there too!


  1. She IS a star!!! Perfect card for Phoebe!!

    1. Ha ha! Phoebe thinks so too ;) Thanks for your super comment x


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